September 19, 2008

Six things that haven't changed

I read somewhere this week that it's important to remember things about your loved one that haven't changed because of the eating disorder. I thought about what hasn't changed for me about M, and told her a few of them this week. Her reaction? Well, she glowed. I think it was huge for both of us, for different reasons. She needs to remember that she's more than just her disorder and her recovery. And I need to remember, through all the tough times, why I will not stop fighting for her - the many reasons I fell in love with her in the first place.

Anyway, here's my list.

1. Her laugh, which is the single most joy-inducing sound in my world.
2. She is so smart. I'll take five minutes to explain something I learned, and she'll say "Right, so you mean _____." And in six words, she'll make it obvious that she already knows more about this topic that I'll ever know. I swear this happens at least twice every week.
3. She has a great, wry sense of humor.
4. She hates unfairness or injustice, in any form, and she has the courage to let it be known.
5. She cares deeply about her brothers, and she's been such a great role model for them.
6. Her eyes. I still can't describe what color they are, because they're blue at times and green at other times. They're always spectacular.

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Angela said...

I just wanted to say how sweet your blog is. As a 43-year-old woman currently recovering from anorexia, I know what M is going through and she is very lucky to have your support!